The Indio Spa 

has a team of experienced, highly trained professionals.

We look forward seeing you and provide an exceptional service, for your well being.

 The Indio spa & Boutiqe offers: 

 Massages, Facials

Body treatments, Spa packegess

Skin care products,

Clothes, Jewelry & Accessories


To schedule spa appointments, please call:

760-342-1040 Ext. 5090 760-863-0969




Spa Services

Massages - A treat for the whole being, body, mind and spirit!

Improves circulation, relieves aching muscles and joints,

and reduces stress and tensions from everyday life!


Facials - For every type of skin, customized to your needs.

Our product lines come from the richest sources of botanicals and enzymes.

All facials include: Deep cleansing with exfoliation, steam, extractions (where appropriate),

massage, a mask and a moisturizer.


Exfoliation - Removes the top layer of dead skin cells, renewing

cellular growth and aiding in the removal of toxins and impurities.

Leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth.

Choose your favorite treatment and finish with a Shea Butter hydration.


Body Wraps - Cocoon the body with these high quality products that detoxify and relax.

Each wrap has its own unique benefits. All wraps are finished with the

appropriate hydrating lotion.


Packages - If you can't decide on which treatment to have, have a few!

Choose from our packages to customize your needs!


We have 4 treatments rooms that can accommodate 5 people with a Couples Massage .

Two hours advance notice is needed for booking based on availability.

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We are here to make you feel wonderful! Just walk over, we are across from the pool. Or call us from your room at

extension 5090 or direct at 760-863-0969.